Are you building authentic relationships
with your customers?


Today, we live in an "I want it NOW" world. The baseline for your business is anywhere, anytime, any device access to products and services. But that's not enough! Your success depends on responding to inquiries immediately, and delivering personalized, proactive customer service. This requires on-line and mobile marketing integrated with sales and back-office systems. And, it requires seamless information sharing, so your entire enterprise can focus on acquiring new customers, building loyalty, and establishing authentic business relationships that grow revenue.

Entech is Revolutionizing the way businesses Engage Customers

Entech is a global provider of software, integration, and resource management solutions.

Using our unique Acquire, Connect, Extend (ACE) Continuous Engagement model as a guide, we deliver customer centered solutions that accurately reflect today's business reality: Customers, partners, and employees networked together, providing new sources of innovation, greater reach, and amplified exposure to new opportunities.

  • Entech helps clients acquire customers by putting in place technology solutions for Omni-Channel marketing, and delivery of personalized products and services.
  • We connect businesses to customers by integrating back-office systems, and enabling frictionless customer service and support.
  • We extend a business; sales and growth opportunities with solutions that proactively anticipate customer needs and engage them with every interaction.

Entech's Continuous Engagement Model

Continuous Engagement is a holistic model for customer centered business processes and technologies.

Just as technology is woven into our lives, it must be woven into business IT ecosystems. There should be no separation between the digital and non-digital aspects of a business's customer relationship. Continuous Engagement's unique customer centric approach delivers an unmatched capability to reach new customers, engage them with every interaction, and grow revenue through technology enhanced sales, service, and support.